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We made a list of our friends' mobile numbers and put it on line, so that we could access them easily when we had lost or forgotten a number!

It has proved so popular we are going to let everyone join in.

“I’m not putting my number on the Internet”

We’ve thought of that...

Once you have done a search and found who you are looking for,
we send them an "INSTANT SMS" message, we tell them who is trying to contact them and give them your number. It's up to them if they reply.

We are not owned by any network, we have no motive other than to make a useful mobile directory for all of us.

Any signs of abuse and we kick you out, no questions. You need to
register to send a text. We can track abuse and we don't like it!
So you will all need to register - it's for your own protection.

All this at no cost to you. We may need to find a revenue in the future but we will have to wait and see. Perhaps donations, or a generous sponsor? What do you think?

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